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A tree-lined community of almost 13,500 in the northwest part of Suffolk County, Greenlawn is sandwiched between Huntington village, with its many restaurants and shops, and the harbor front village of Northport to the east. The beach and boating town of Centerport lies to the north, with the smaller North Shore community of Elwood to the south, buffering Greenlawn from the commercial hubbub of Jericho Turnpike and the highways.

was originally called Old Fields and was well known starting in the 1880s for a flourishing pickle industry.  It was after World War II that residential development began: bungalows and small Capes on quarter-acre lots, and farm ranches, colonials and newer outsized custom-built houses on one-acre lots. Wooded areas to the north, along Oldfield, Stony Hollow and Arbutus Roads, are the setting for larger properties. Mornings and evenings, commuters walk to and from the Long Island Rail Road station at Boulevard and Broadway.

After school, Harborfields High School students stream into the shopping area, with its pizzerias, card and gift boutiques, hair and nail salons, Dairy Barn, and other shops.

The double-decker coaches on the Port Jefferson line of the Long Island Rail Road take an hour and four minutes to get to Pennsylvania Station.






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